Why SSD over regular drives?

Why SSD over regular drives?


 SSDs are growing to become the best storage devices for both home and professional use. The question comes, Why do we need SSD? What are the advantages of SSD over normal Hard Disk Drives?
 In traditional Hard disk Drives, data is stored in rotating magnetic disks., HDDs perform read/write operations with the help of a “head” on a mechanical arm. So, Every time you want to access your data, the head has to move to a certain point on that magnetic disk. Even if the distance to move is 1mm, the head has to travel a few milliseconds which causes delay in response.
SSDs(Solid State Drives), on the other hand, don’t contain movableparts, so comes the name “Solid State”. SSDs are flash storage devices. They utilize non-volatile storage technology, which means there’s no mechanical movement needed to access data, which saves a lot of time during heavy usage. Therefore, SSDs are upto 300% faster than the normal HDDs
Advantages of SSDs over HDD
  • Faster Speed. Speed is the most powerful advantage of SSDs over HDD. Due to non-movable parts, accessing data in SSDs is faster than that of HDDs(mechnical movement to access data). Faster Data Access means Reduced Site Loading time, that leads to happy visitors/costumers and higher conversion rates.
  • Heavy Usage. SSDs are flash storage devices that don’t contain mechanical parts. When your website hits heavy traffic, SSDs can read or retrieve data effeciently due to flash memory that doesn’t involve mechanical movement. SSDs are the most useful at heavy peak times.
  • High Durability. Normal HDDs contain mechanical parts that can fail due to wear and tear. Whereas SSDs don’t contain any mechanical parts, and hence last longer than HDDs.
  • Low Power Consumption. SSDs consume less power than traditional HDDs, which means lower electricity consumption and lower usage of resources.
Consider a scenario where you want to listen to a music album. You have two options: a record player, and a mp3 player. Which one would you choose? Many of us would go with MP3 player. In the standard record player, you have to wait until your favorite song comes in the record. Otherwise, you need to pickup the arm and trace the exact location of your favorite song in that record. It’s a slow process. On the other hand, with an mp3 player you can easily spot and listen to your favorite song from the album in a few clicks, Here, the Record player is the traditional HDD and the MP3 player is the SSD. Got the Difference?

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