Wesbite Speed Unleashed

SSD Powered.

We use high-velocity pure SSD(Solid State Drive) Disks to power your website data. Sites powered with SSD are upto 300% faster than those hosted on regular HDD Drives. SSDs powered with high-end Xeon CPUs and redundant network make your wesbite fly. Give us a try today, and feel the difference.

Mod Security

Mod Security is a web-application firewall designed to protect your website from cross website scripting, SQL injections, trojans, session hacking and other hacking exploits

WordPress Latest Compatible

All the ssdpage hosting accounts are wordpress compatible. Install wordpress in a few clicks using  Softaculous inside your Control Panel.

HTTP/2 Enabled.

HTTP/2 is enabled on all of our servers, by default. It significantly speeds up the loading time of your website due to its advanced network protocool. HTTP/2 requires SSL to operate, and we offer it for free for all your websites through LET’s Encrpyteech Protection is also available for all SSDPage Customers

PHP 7. Unleash the best performance!

We allow you to choose your PHP version through our Control Panel. You can even choose PHP 7, which is widely known for its great speed benefits. You can easily switch your PHP version with the help of “PHP Selector” option on our Control Panel.

Enterprise Grade Hardware

In addition to the blazing speed SSDs, we back your websites with High end Intel Xeon CPUs with a minimum of 8GB RAM and SSDs in Raid 10 configuration.

Redundant Network

Our servers are powered with multiple bandwidth providers and power generators as a backup when something goes wrong.