Air-Tight Website Protection

The most important challenge to offer webhosting is to maintain high security standards, and to protect users from malicious attacks. That’s why we consider your security as our priority. Apart from the firewalls and other security practices followed by SSDPage, here are some special ones.

CageFS Hacker Protection

CageFS is a virtual file system that encapsulates each shared hosting customer in his/her own private virtual space. It contains a set of tools which contain the users in it own resource limits or a ‘cage’. Each customer will have its own fully functional CageFS, with all the system files, tools, etc.
CageFS prevents hackers from scanning the server for vulnerable files, and escalating privileges to gain root access. It ensures that users cannot see any other user and will have no way to detect the presence of other users in the server.

Single Account Isolation

Using the technology at SSDPage, you don’t need to worry about security.. We isolate every cpanel account with each other, and having its own resources. By doing so, the whole server won’t be affected due to a single vulnerable hosting account.

SSL Manager

We believe SSLs are important for everyone. So, through ssdpage control panel, you can easily install and manage your SSLs at no additional cost. Take advantage of this great feature. Signup Today!

In-Built Virus Scanner

Apart from the many security barricades it offers,  SSDpage offers its customers an option to scan for virus accross their web space, ftp space, email and other public directories through its Control Panel. Set a scan and forget, ssdpage’s virus scanner runs silently in the background and prompts you when the scan is finished. If you’ve found any virus, you can simply quarantine or delete them in a click.

Mod Security and Leech Protection

Through its Control Panel, SSDPage offers Mod Security that helps you to block most commonly known code injections through regular expressions and rule sets for your website. By default, Mod Security feature is enabled on all SSDpage accounts.

SSDPage offers Leech Protection by limiting the number of logins from a specific user within a time period. If a user exceeds that login limit, you can redirect them to another url, send an alert email or even disable their account. Leech Protection is also available for all SSDPage Customers

Hot-Link Protection. IP Blocking

We offer a hot-link protection tool on all our accounts, that protects other websites from linking to your files. Hot-link protection is available on all SSDPage accounts.

Suspect Someone? Block their IP Address from accessing your website using IP Blocker.