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Turbo Charge Your Wordpress Website

1-Click Installation. No additional Configuration Needed!

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No Programming Required

Wpboosterplugin is easy to use and doesn't require any programming knwoledge. Simply install, activate, and your website is optimized!

Wordpress 4.X Ready

Wpboosterplugin is made to be compatible with the latest version of WordPress i.e 4.x.

Awesome Customer Support

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1-Click Installation

Wpboosterplugin is one of the very few cache plugins which activates all the best web practices in one-click. You simply have to install, activate, and your website will be optimized! 


Mobile Optimization

Our plugin optimizes your website for both website visitors from every device such as a computer, mobile, tablet, laptop....It's cross-device optimized!


Reduced Website Loading Time

Due to our advanced site optimization techniques such as Gzip Compression, Browser Caching, Cache Preloading, and others, your optimized website will load faster than normal!


Doesn't affect your website code

Wpboosterplugin is built according to the latest wordpress standards, and should work with almost any plugin/theme

Website Speed Re-Defined

Discover the powerful features of Wpboosterplugin that will help you optimize your website!

Super Charge Your Wordpress Website Today!

Wp Booster Plugin

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