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Page Caching

Page Caching improves your website load time and is essential for SEO(because faster loading websites rank higher on search engines). It's automatically activated when you use Wpboosterplugin!


Cache Pre Loading

Whenever your website is visited, the website data(cache) is preloaded onto the browser so that it loads faster next time. This significantly improves your indexing on Search Engines!


Sitemap Preloading

Preload all the URLs in your sitemap so that your site's cache is always ready and instantly available to your visitors when needed!


Database Optimization

Removes junk and bloat from your database to reduce its size. An optimized database will lead to a fast loading website. 

Font Optimization

Optimizing the google fonts will lead to lesser http requests and a faster website!

Remove Query Strings

Removing query strings from static resources such as CSS/JS will improve your website GT Metrix grade


Lazy Load for Images

Images will be loaded on a need-to-serve bassis. Images are loaded only when the website  visitor scrolls down the page. Major websites like facebook, youtube, yahoo and others are using this feature!


Browser Caching

Static parts of your website such as jss, css, and images are stored in the visitor's browser when he first visits a website page. When the visitor loads another page of your website, your static parts don't need to be loaded again


Gzip Compression

To save bandwidth and to optimize the rendering of website, wpboosterplugin uses gzip compression, expires etags, headers and much more for a faster loading website!


Minification of Website Code

Wpboosterplugin uses minification to reduce the size of your website's html,css and javascript files. Lighter files means a faster website!

Mobile Optimization

Wpboosterplugin not only optimizes your website for laptop/PC visitors, but also offers the same optimized experience to mobile visitors too!

Defer JS Loading

Wpboosterplugin will load the javascript files at the end of rendering of a page. This leads to reduce in website loading time!

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