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Revolutionary Click-Type Interface

Using Sitesely, you can easily edit any text  of your website using double click.  Change font style, font size, underline, and add magic to your text with our fully featured text editor


Word Processor Experience

With Sitesely, we want website building to be as easy as typing a word document. Using our builder, you can resize the images, adjust margins and spacing, click-to-edit, and many more-Edit them live as you see!


Live Image Resize

Your sitesely website is composed of sections(such as images, text..) which you can resize with the click of your mouse button. No more frustrating popus to adjust sizes!


Adjust Spacing

With Sitesely, you can adjust the spacing of your page's sections in a click! No changes in  CSS code required!

Change your website look in a Click!

Sitesely offers over 17 fully bootstrap compatible themes which allow you to change the entire color sets of your website in a click! 


Drag & Drop Elements

Don't like our site templates? No problem, drag and drop our built-in elements to build your custom website design!



Do you want to re-use a portion of your website? You can easily duplicate any element on your page with Sitesely

Create awesome mobile-friendly websites

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